You are among Friends

We want this to be a safe place to freely express yourself so we need a few rules to make it a pleasant experience for all of our members.

Almost everything worth saying has already been said by somebody, somewhere, sometime, but perhaps not necessarily in our common language. So if you have a better way of saying it, or if it is something that needs to be repeated or translated, please do not hesitate to send it in.

Here are a few guidelines for articles to be considered for publication on the AltARP website. Because we value your privacy, we encourage you to publish under your user name or pen name. If you wish to build a following under any name including your real name, please send us a short biography and history of prior publications if any. Biographies, user names, and email addresses remain private unless you want to link your article to your short biography.


  1. The article must be original, not previously published anywhere else unless you edit it and update it, clearly indicating that it is your original work, where it was previously published, and that it has been updated for publication on the AltARP website.
  2. If you claim a copyright, please include the proper copyright notice and release for us to publish it. Remember that copyright does not protect mere ideas. Click HERE for more information on copyrights.
  3. Quotes need to have correct attribution.
  4. The ideal length is 600-1200 words. Larger manuscripts of a scholarly nature may be submitted if they make a good case for teaching and preserving traditional American values.
  5. Submissions should be proofread and be free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  6. Links to external resources need to be relevant to your subject and may not be to promotions or subscription pages. Articles with excessive links may be rejected at our sole discretion.
  7. If you are responding to pages or articles already on the site, we encourage you to write a comment to that article using the above guidelines.