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Nick Freitas – A Rising Voice for Liberty

The Gallup organization regularly polls citizens on many subjects among which is: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?”

The result from February 2018 (15% no) is in line with the results of the last ten years, consistently under 20% answering “no.”  That answer reflects the performance of Congress as a whole, and not a citizen’s opinion of an individual lawmaker. When surveyed about the performance of their individual Congressmen and Senators, voters generally rate them around 50% favorable. When election time comes around, they garner the plurality necessary to win reelection, which means a number of “no” votes stay home or there are third party candidates that detract from the winner’s margin.

Fifty-percent Split

The roughly fifty-percent favorable performance rating reflects the fifty-percent partisan split in the country. When pollsters ask questions like “Do you approve of the job your congressman/senator is doing?”, the approximately fifty-percent who voted for that person respond affirmatively. Some individual representatives manage to build a following, so people like Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy of Vermont get rated over sixty-percent. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, polls are far from accurate. People are shy to declare their true feelings and so many lie on such polls, while others just don’t know enough about the candidate and may change to another name on the actual ballot.

People Vote their Pocketbooks

It is commonly believed that people vote for whomever offers them benefits, as witnessed by Bernie Sanders offering free tuition, single payer medical, among other social benefits. How many people actually vote on Principles such as defending the Constitution and preserving individual Liberty?  We may be able to answer this question to a small degree after the 2018 election.  The self-described progressive incumbent senator from Virginia, Tim Kaine, espouses all the key left leaning ideas including the major reason people will vote for him. “I’m going to work my tail off to get money back to the Appalachian region,” Kaine says.

Young Challengers Promote their Idealism

Virginia Republicans will vote on June 12, 2018  to select their challenger to Sen. Tim Kaine through a state-run primary instead of a convention. Some of the names that have been discussed are reliably conservative and better known than a few young, idealistic, and equally conservative challengers. Among the better known are former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina; former VA Governor Jim Gilmore; radio and television host Laura Ingraham; and Virgina’s 10th congressional district Representative Barbara Comstock.  (All have declined at this writing except Comstock).

Lesser known candidates are pastor Earl Walker Jackson, retired major general Bert Mizusawa, former special forces Major Ivan Raiklin;  Corey Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors; Dr. Minerva Diaz; and two term Virginia State Delegate Nicholas “Nick” J. Freitas.

Nick Freitas is the One to Watch

Nick Freitas is an unabashed defender of Liberty. He calls himself a Liberty Conservative and encourages others who identify as such to join him in his quest to topple Virginia’s junior senator, Tim Kaine (D). The problem with identifying  as a “Liberty Conservative” is that the taxonomy of American Conservatism is in total disarray. No one agrees what these labels mean. It would be wise to ditch the labels until somebody does a good job defining them.

Watch these videos of the eloquent Nick Freitas and decide for yourself if a label fits him.

Nick Freitas’ Defense of the Second Amendment went viral in the wake of the Florida shooting.

More YouTube Videos about Nick Freitas

image of Nick Freitas-Virginia Delegate

Nick Freitas-Virginia Delegate

Who is Nick Freitas?  – (“We fight because it’s the right thing to do.”)

Hairbraiding  – (“That is when her descent into crime began.”)

In Defense of Innocent Human Life – (“A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable”)

Medicaid  – (“I see us consigning future generations to a diminished America…”)

The Most Interesting Liberty Republican

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  1. vetus_medicus
    vetus_medicus says:

    Most young people today think of liberty as just being free to do whatever they want as long as it isn’t so obviously wrong that their mothers or some other authority will bitch them out. It is only after people get older and start to run a business such as a medical practice that they discover how intrusive government has become.

    I enjoyed Nick’s discussion of hair braiding. But think about all the other licensure requirements that do little to protect the public but instead create a class of “professionals” who are protected from competition by stringent license laws. Then there are the state bureaucrats who administer those laws, conduct the license examinations, and fine the license holders when a pissed off consumer makes a complaint.

    To give our fellow members something to think about, Colorado does not license funeral directors yet everybody in Colorado seems to die and get cremated or buried with little difficulty. Home funerals are legal in every state but some states require you to hire a funeral director to help with a home funeral. Look at this for more about the freedom to have a home funeral.

    Yes, we have already sacrificed a lot of our freedom.

    Medical practice has become so intrusive with regulations that a lot of older doctors are no longer able to accept patients with medicare or medicaid.

    As a word of warning – there are a lot of foolish people who think single payer healthcare would be great. Another free benefit. Right? Wrong. If it happens we will pay for it with our liberty!

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