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John Locke Should Be Counted among the Founding Fathers

I woke up this morning thinking about John Locke. He had great ideas that are as relevant today as they were when he wrote them.  Waking up thinking about John Locke probably makes me appear really weird to to all those people who wake up thinking only about running to the bathroom and getting a cup of coffee.

I took care of those things too and am still thinking about John Locke. Actually I am not thinking so much about Locke as I am about my grand-kids. They need to know about ideas and few are as important as John Locke’s ideas.

For the sake of my grandchildren I decided to post links to these excellent videos about John Locke.  Then I will send the links to their cell phones and suggest that they watch them. Then I’ll call them and ask what they think. I bet they like the added attention. I imagine that it gives them something to talk about with their friends, such as how “I have the craziest grandma in the world…” Hopefully in 30 years they will be telling their own kids about John Locke and remember that I thought it was important.

Before going to the videos, look at THIS page by Michael Long. Then download this PDF file for the handouts that Michael Long uses in his group discussion.

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Life,Liberty and the Right to Own Property

At this point it is time for grandma to get out of the way and let the kids follow the Internet trail to wherever their ultrashort attention spans lead them.  I have been criticized for wanting to dump the whole pile of hay on the hapless horse all at once when every body knows that horses founder when overfed. Well, that’s a metaphor but maybe nobody really knows that anymore.

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